Trump torches Biden admin over COVID, inflation, the border, Afghanistan, and other crises

Former President Donald Trump hit out at the Biden administration on Friday, slamming his successor’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, energy policies, rising inflation, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the crisis at the southern border.

Trump told FOX Business’s “Varney & Co.” that he had hoped President Biden would do well in managing the coronavirus, but pointed out that “significantly” more Americans have died from the virus under Biden’s watch than his own “despite all of the vaccines and the therapeutics” that are now widely available.

“Look, I wanted [Biden] to be successful on the on the whole thing on COVID – or as I call it, the China virus,” Trump told host David Asman. “I wanted him to be successful. He’s been totally unsuccessful. It’s a disaster what’s happened.”

The former president said that he was proud to take the COVID-19 vaccine and “very proud” of the development of the inoculations in nine months under Operation Warp Speed, and said he believes people should take the vaccines.

Trump added, however, that he is against Biden’s vaccine mandates, saying, “I want people to go out and want to get [vaccinated], but I don’t want to force it into them,” and blamed vaccine hesitancy on people’s distrust of Biden.

Trump went on to say that Biden “lied so much” ahead of the election, pointing to Biden originally saying he would not impose vaccine mandates, and noting that Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline nearly immediately after taking office when he had previously signaled that he would consider keeping the project going…Read more>>