Windows 11 compatibility: Check if your computer meets Microsoft’s requirements with these tools

Windows 11 is almost here, and the big question on a lot of PC-users’ minds since Microsoft unveiled its first major operating system upgrade in six years is: Will my computer be compatible? There’s been some confusion about device compatibility since Microsoft’s big announcement of the updated OS earlier this summer. But the short answer is that Windows 11 should work with most PCs, according to a company blog post.

Annoyingly, Microsoft’s own tool for determining device compatibility — the PC Health Check app — wasn’t up to par when Microsoft first announced Windows 11 earlier this year (there were reports it didn’t give people enough information about why their devices weren’t compatible), so the company temporarily removed the app. But Microsoft’s PC Health Check is now back online and in working order. The app will tell you if your computer meets the requirements to run Windows 11, and if it doesn’t, it will tell you why and provide links for more support.

But that’s not the only way to check if your device will work with Windows 11, which you’ll be able to download for free once it’s available. Read on for all of your options for checking Windows 11 device compatibility. With the Windows 11 release date just a couple days away (note, however, that it’ll be a staggered rollout), it’s a good idea to check your own computer. In the case that your device doesn’t meet eligibility requirements, you may need to replace your PC by 2025 as Microsoft phases out Windows 10 over the next several years…Read more>>