What to do if you lost your COVID-19 vaccine card

Given all the new vaccination mandates out there today, there’s a chance you won’t get into restaurants, Broadway theaters and gyms without your COVID-19 vaccine card. And nearly 100 million Americans may soon have to submit proof to their employer that they got the shot. So it’s best not to leave home without your ID or proof of vaccination. There are even several ways to store your vaccination card on your phone so you can leave the paper card at home in a safe place.

But what happens if you lost or damaged your card? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t keep your proof of vaccination on file. But some vaccine providers do, even if you got the shot at a mass vaccination site that’s no longer around. We’ll tell you the best ways to recover your proof of vaccination and why you should never use a fake card or fudge your own.

And here’s the latest on COVID-19 boosters and when the vaccine will be available for kids. Plus, here’s what you need to know before you make a vaccine appointment, too. This story was recently updated.

How to get your vaccination record from a mass vaccination site

You can still get your COVID-19 vaccine record, even if you got your shot at a mass vaccination site, like a church or stadium. Suppose you got the shot at a pop-up vaccination site that’s no longer around and you lose your card. Contact your county state’s health department. Most states have a phone number, email address and website to get your immunization records. You likely need to fill out an immunization request form and submit a photo ID. The process and timeframe can vary by state.

Keep in mind that your state’s health department may not have access to your COVID-19 vaccine status if you were not vaccinated with a state-approved provider. It could also be possible that your vaccine record has not been updated on your state’s registry yet.

Your state may also have an online portal to retrieve your vaccine info, like North Carolina’s COVID-19 Vaccine Portal. North Carolinians that got vaccinated with one of the state’s providers and provided an email address can print their vaccine record from the portal.

How to get vaccination proof from a pharmacy

If you got your vaccination at a pharmacy, you’re in luck. Your pharmacy most likely has a record of your vaccination. For example, at Walgreens, you can take your driver’s license or ID to the pharmacy to get your vaccine record.

And you don’t even need to leave your home if you use CVS. You can get proof of vaccination quickly on its website or the CVS Health app. You can also visit the pharmacy to get a new card. We suggest calling your pharmacy to ask what its protocol is if you’re unsure or see if there’s an online portal to request your information on its website…Read more>>