How to turn off the ‘Show Me That Scene Again’ feature on Netflix that everyone hates

I often find myself rewinding movies and TV shows on Netflix, but I only do so whenever I missed something because I was checking my phone. Of course, the smaller screen captures my attention, and I forget about what I was watching on Netflix. But I never feel the urge to rewatch a scene of a film just because it’s that good. And I wouldn’t appreciate a “Show Me That Scene Again” prompt on top of the screen while I’m watching.

However, some users have already discovered the feature is active on their accounts, and we’ve already told you that Netflix is testing it. The good news is that you can turn it off quite easily.

If you’re familiar with the “Skip Intro” button that appears in the bottom right corner when watching TV shows on Netflix, then you’ll know exactly how “Show Me That Scene Again” works. The prompt appears in the bottom right corner, but for now just on TVs, Business Insider explains. Here’s what it looks like:

It’s unclear at this time whether the feature will ever graduate from Netflix’s testing grounds. But you can, at least, make sure you don’t encounter it during testing. Just go to your account and look for the Settings section and look for the Test Participation options. Once in there, you’ll have to turn off the Include me in tests and previews option. If you do this, however, you won’t get to test out other features Netflix may be working on.

Should Netflix decide to bring “Show Me That Scene Again” to all Netflix users, and make it available across devices, you won’t be able to avoid it any longer. But considering that most people commenting on it have a negative opinion about it, Netflix should think twice before rolling it out to everyone.

Source:- bgr