When is National Rosé Day? The pink wine-lovers holiday is coming up soon

There’s no denying that rosé is no longer just a wine, it’s a movement. And before you go rolling your eyes at that statement, take a look around you. From pool floats and hard cider to beauty products and t-shirts, rosé has quite the fandom. In fact, the pink wine has such a loyal following, it’s earned its own holiday here in the United States. But just when exactly is National Rosé Day? Well, the exact date varies from year to year.

The pink wine-lovers holiday is celebrated on the second Saturday in June, and this year, National Rosé Day falls on June 8th. Text your friends! Spread the wonderful news!


It’s seriously one of the best holidays of the year and really should get more recognition. You don’t have to buy any gifts, cook a full turkey, secure a date or color eggs—all you have to do is drink rosé. And that’s pretty much it.

Source: aol