The best keto snacks to buy online for 2020


Nutritious, delicious and fun snacks are key to have on hand as mini indulgences to look forward to and to keep serotonin flowing without giving away the farm, especially when we’re trying to keep breakfast, lunch and dinner on the healthy side.

With so many popular forms of a low-carb diet (such as keto, paleo or Atkins), food brands have been working hard to deliver those fun-size treats with fewer carbs than the classic bag of potato chips, cookies or crackers. With so many new keto snacks out — some great and some decidedly not so — and with more hitting shelves every week, we taste-tested a swath of these new low-carb munchies. Sometimes you need a delicious break from the typical keto diet snacks like macadamia nuts, avocado and hard-boiled or deviled eggs.

Here are our favorites to help you figure out the best keto snack array to buy and tastefully stick to a low-carb keto diet.

Flock rotisserie chicken chips

We’ve written about these full-flavored wisps of rotisserie chicken-skin goodness before, and that’s because they are darn delicious. Like pork rinds but better. Be warned, these aren’t a low-calorie snack by any stretch, but if you’re trying to trim carbs and keep all of the flavor, keto friendly Flock is a perfect snack. Available online in original, salt & vinegar and BBQ. A pack of eight will run you $24 on Flock’s website.

Duke’s shorty smoked sausages

Chowhound’s Editor at Large, Joey Skladany, swears by these tasty little sausages from Duke’s for a bold blast of protein in a pinch. A perfect preworkout snack option to fit a keto lifestyle, available in original, Hatch green chili, andouille or hot & spicy. Amazon carries the mini-sausages at $9.50 per bag.

Smart Sweets gummy peach rings

Sweetened with stevia, these candy peach rings are a perfect low-glycemic movie theater candy to replace your Sour Patch Watermelons or Gummy Bears and still satisfy your sweet tooth. Just five net grams per serving and no corn syrup. Snag a 1.8-ounce bag for less than $5…….Read More>>


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