Should you buy an iPhone 12 right now or wait for the iPhone 13?

Apple has been selling the iPhone 12 since last fall, and the new iPhone 13 (or will it be the iPhone 12S?) will arrive as early as September. So does it really make sense to buy an iPhone 12 now? The simple answer is yes. And no. Depending on your specific situation, buying the current model months into its lifespan could work, but with the next version seemingly only a few months away, things get a bit more complicated.

So if you’re on the fence as to which path to take, that’s understandable. But don’t stress. This guide spells out when you should go in one direction or the other. This way you can feel confident you’ve made the right call.

Using an old, outdated iPhone?
One of the best reasons to snap up a new phone is because your current one is hopelessly outdated. If you own an iPhone 11, upgrading to an iPhone 12 now probably isn’t worth it. You won’t see enough of a difference in performance and features, especially compared with what will likely come with the iPhone 13. However, if you can hang on until September your patience will have a chance of being rewarded.

The calculus is very different for owners of older iPhones like the iPhone X series. Going for the iPhone 12 gives you an advanced A14 Bionic CPU, plus an OLED screen. Just those two enhancements represent a massive upgrade over phones from just a few years ago.   ReadMore


Source : cnet

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