Second stimulus check: How fast the IRS can send it to you next time around


Only a few weeks remain for Congress to negotiate another stimulus relief package this year, and signs are looking somewhat more hopeful: On Thursday, House and Senate legislators began to look at funding for the 2021 budget that potentially could include more stimulus relief.

President-elect Joe Biden and President Donald Trump have both urged lawmakers to pass another COVID-19 economic rescue package with more stimulus aid. If no stimulus legislation is passed during the lame-duck session, Biden’s stimulus plan could enter the conversation more seriously after his Jan. 20 inauguration.

Once authorized, the IRS has systems in place to quickly start sending out stimulus payments via direct deposit, paper checks and EIP debit cards (in that order, over a couple of months). However, if the stimulus bill isn’t approved until Biden’s presidential term, there may be a complication — after there’s a newly appointed Treasury Secretary, there could potentially be a delay as that person gets up to speed.

 Over 150 million Americans could be eligible for more money and some adults won’t qualify at all, if there’s a second round of stimulus payments. If the IRS owes you a partial or full payment, which you can verify through our stimulus calculator, you must file a claim by the Nov. 21 deadline. (Here’s how to track your first payment, if you’re still waiting.)

Below, we’ve created some potential timelines for how soon you could get a new stimulus payment. This story was recently updated.

When will I receive my next stimulus check?

These speculative dates show you when you might see a check — if a bill becomes law before or after Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, and bearing in mind Dec. 11, the deadline for Congress to pass the next federal budget…Read more>>