Netflix lets you use Instagram Stories to share what you’re watching

What if you want to update your Instagram Story but all you did this weekend was binge Netflix? You can now basically become an ad for your favorite show with a new integration that lets you post artwork from Netflix titles to your Instagram Story, as spotted byTechCrunch.

The Netflix app will now allow you to share a show or movie’s artwork to your Instagram Story after tapping the “share” button. When other Netflix users view your story, they’ll also see a “watch on Netflix” link that takes them directly to the app. The integration is first coming to iOS, while an Android version is still being worked on.


The new integration is a win both for Netflix, which essentially gets to freely advertise its shows to more viewers, and Instagram, which gets a new Stories integration from a major app. As of June 2018, Stories reaches over 400 million daily active users, according to Instagram.

Source:- theverge