National Apple Pie Day: Who Invented Apple Pie? Delicious Recipes to Celebrate America’s Favorite Dessert


National Apple Pie Day is May 13, a celebration of America’s favorite dessert. According to the American Pie Council, nearly one-in-five Americans prefer apple pie over others, with 35 percent of those surveyed saying they have apple pie for breakfast.

When Was Apple Pie Invented?

According to Reader’s Digest, apple pie was invented in England and was brought over by pilgrims to Jamestown in the 17th century. However, the recipe was different to today’s. The English used animal fat, wheat and water to create the pastry, calling them “coffyns,” and were filled with beef or venison.

Once brought over to America, the pastry became flakier and the meat was replaced with imperfect apples. The Civil War also saw Union and Confederate soilders commandeer farms to bake pies. An article in The New York Times in 1902 proclaimed the apple pie as the “American synonym for prosperity”, with troops in the 20th century saying they were fighting for “mom and apple pie.” In 1999, Vermont deemed apple pie as its official state pie.

Apple Pie Recipes

Traditional Apple Pie: Making a pie from scratch is a favorite family activity. Blog Jo Cooks has a classic apple pie recipe that will surely go down well with all generations.

Bacon Lattice Apple Pie: Mixing savoury and sweet doesn’t always go down well, but if we can mix bacon with pancakes and maple syrup, then it’ll work with apple pie.

Apple Pie Baked Apples: If you’re keen on sticking to your five-a-day, then this recipe is for you.

Apple Pie in a Jar: If you fancy apple pie on the go but don’t want the additional mess, then use a jar to hold your apple pie filling.

Cheese and Apple Pie: We’ve already tackled bacon and apple pie, and now we’re looking at the guilty pleasure known as cheese and apple pie. In some states, such as Vermont, it’s law that apple pie be served with a slice of cheese, milk or ice cream…..Read More>>

Source:- newsweek