Moms In Tech Facebook Group Splintering Over Allegations Of Racism


A Facebook group for mothers in the tech industry is disintegrating after members say they were blocked or silenced for posting about anti-racism and white fragility.

The group, Moms in Tech, was started in 2017 by Linda Xiong, a product manager at Facebook. Today, it has over 15,000 members. While many of the discussions have focused on the experience of being a mother in the male-dominated tech industry, members also use it as a forum for networking and support. During the pandemic, as working moms navigate school closures and a looming economic crisis, the group’s importance has only grown to its members.

“This isn’t just a casual Facebook group,” says Amy Chantasirivisal, director of engineering at Wildbit. “We’ve collectively spent our time building professional networks from it and learned from each other and taught each other. Jobs have been posted, found, people have been mentored, businesses formed.”

The limitations of the group were brought to the forefront on May 28th when Liz Casmier, a Black woman who works in the health care industry, noticed there were no posts about the police killing of George Floyd. Three days had passed since his death. “There was a lot of talk about Peloton bikes and ‘who’s the best pediatrician in Los Altos,’” she says. “I was like ‘how is it that no one has said anything at all?’ George Floyd called for his mother — you can’t ignore that if you’re a mom.”..Read more>>


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