How to call, message, and email your contacts using Siri


Siri is not only a voice control system for your phone, but it is also your digital assistant that remembers context and understands relationships, and only gets smarter over time. What this means is that you can tell Siri to call your husband or wife’s iPhone, and Siri will know who you’re referring to and what number to dial. And it’s not just phone calls that Siri can do. It’s emails and even SMS to any of your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and more. Regardless of how you prefer to communicate, Siri makes it easier than ever before.

  • How to establish contact relationships with Siri
  • How to manually add relationship data through the Contacts app
  • How to get contact information with Siri
  • How to call a contact with Siri
  • How to send an SMS or iMessage with Siri
  • How to send an email using Siri
  • How to have Siri check and play your voicemail messages
  • How to check your iPhone call history using Siri

How to establish contact relationships with Siri

Before you tell Siri to call your husband or wife, best friend, boss, mom, or dad, Siri needs to learn who these people are first. Sure, you could just edit that data in the Contacts app, but it’s much faster and easier to tell Siri directly.

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  1. Press and hold your Home button or Power button (for devices without a Home button), or just say “Hey Siri”.
  2. Tell Siri about a relationship that you want to establish.
    • For example, you can say, “Lory Gil is my boss.” Make sure to say the name exactly as it appears in your contacts.
  3. Say or tap Yes when Siri asks you to confirm the relationship.
  4. Siri will confirm that the relationship has been added to your contact card.Say "Hey Siri" and tell her the relationship you have with a contactSource: iMore

Note: You’ll first need to tell Siri who you are, because your established relationships will be added to your own contact card.

Establishing relationships with Siri is great for unique titles, or if you only have one person with that title. But if you have two brothers or two daughters, you’ll need to differentiate them with a prefix, such as “Older” or “Younger,” to avoid complications.

How to manually add relationship data through the Contacts app

Since Siri can get easily confused, sometimes it’s easier to just change the relationship info manually in the Contacts app.

  1. Launch the Contacts app.
    • Optionally, you can launch Phone, and then select the Contacts tab.
  2. Tap on your contact card (should be at the very top)……….Read More>>


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