How much is Spotify Premium, and how can you get it at a discount?


Spotify generously offers access to much of its library and features for free, but there’s no beating the premium experience. You get access to tens of millions of songs and an ever-updating library, curated playlists and stations, and personalized updates — just to name a few of the perks a monthly sub will grant you.

Luckily, it’s a pretty reasonable price considering how much you get in exchange. However, before you rush off to subscribe to the service, we’ll help you find out if you qualify for a discounted — or even free — subscription in the first place.

Below are all the pricing options for Spotify Premium, and all the ways you can get it at a discounted price.

Spotify plans

Spotify Free

You can use Spotify for free if you’re fine with some restrictions. With a free account and the desktop or mobile software downloaded, you can listen to (almost) anything you want on-demand, so long as you’re willing to put up with ads and playlists. You also can’t listen offline, and many of the best features are stripped out (such as uploading music you already own). Still, it’s free, and that’s a very good price for so much excellent music.

Spotify Premium

For those willing to spend a little cash, Spotify Premium costs $10 a month. This gives you unlimited, ad-free access to the streaming giant’s more than 35 million songs, the ability to play music offline, and much more.

Spotify Student

If you’re a student (meaning you have a valid student email address from an educational institution), you get an even sweeter price of $5 month, and it comes with a free Hulu subscription. Just make sure you re-register as a student after a year, or Spotify will assume you have graduated and will start charging you the full price.

Spotify Family Plan

Those with loved ones who also want to stream music may be more interested in the Spotify Family Premium, which costs $15 a month, and lets you have up to six people under one account. Everyone on the family plan has to have the same address, but we’re pretty sure there are no secret Spotify spies checking to see if everyone on your account actually lives together.

Spotify through a partnering company

T-Mobile doesn’t offer free Spotify, but it does let you stream the app without using any data if you have the Simple Choice plan. Also, check if the company you work for offers Spotify for free to its employees. Starbucks does so for more than 200,000 of its employees. You may also be able to bundle Spotify Premium with your internet or cell phone provider.

How Spotify compares to the competition

Spotify’s biggest competitor, Apple Music, has the same price point, but we still suggest signing up with Spotify over Apple. Google’s premium music service, Google Play Music — or is it YouTube Music Premium yet? — will also cost you the same.

The other notable streaming competitor is Jay-Z’s Tidal. The service has a lot of price points, but the basic premium and family options are the same as Spotify. You can also choose to pay $20 a month for hi-fi versions — which is “lossless, high-fidelity sound — of every song in its catalog. Tidal has its perks, but we moved on from it a while ago.

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