Fall Guys beans are the perfect height to pat Among Us beans on the head

Turns out that the bean-like Fall Guys characters would be the perfect height to pat the bean-like Among Us crewmates on the head, should they ever exist in the same universe. The Among Us and Fall Guys Twitter accounts made the discovery on Monday. How?

It’s a good question. I can’t believe I’ve never asked it myself before.

The Among Us Twitter account then revealed that the crewmates in the game are three feet, six inches tall. Seems about right, though I honestly thought they were a little shorter.

The Fall Guys Twitter account quickly followed up with what people believe to be the canonical size of a Fall Guy: six feet, which is how tall one of the Fall Guys bean creatures is in the game development software Unity. The Fall Guys account also helpfully put a Fall Guy onto a chart next to a human.

The Fall Guys account then said the obvious next thing:

And the Among Us account delivered, to hilarious results.


Source : theverge