Best Apple Arcade games 2021

Whether you’re playing on the latest iPhone, an older iPad, or the newest M1 Mac, Apple Arcade offers over 180 games for a single, low monthly fee. I was among the critics at first, wondering why I would pay a monthly fee when plenty of comparable games were available for free, but the biggest selling point of Apple Arcade is the complete lack of microtransactions. With great selections from just about every genre, it can be tough to know where to start, but we here at iMore have tested them out for you. Below you’ll find the best Apple Arcade additions this year, and be sure to check out our best controllers for Apple Arcade to really step up your game!

While many of us, myself included, remember the joy and frustration of trekking the Oregon Trail during computer lab in elementary school, now you can relive the hardships of the trail on your phone. For those unfamiliar with The Oregon Trail, this game is set in 1848, and you lead a party of four settlers in a covered wagon from Missouri to Oregon. First released in 1971 using minimal graphics, the game’s core mechanics remain the same with updated graphics and an attempt at a more culturally respectful look at history, specifically that of the indigenous people who lived in that part of the country.

The Oregon Trail is a challenging game where you must balance your party’s needs with the genuine hardships that ended so many lives during that time. While good resource management is necessary to win, it also requires a fair bit of luck. From dysentery to snake bites, bear attacks, to bandits, you will likely have lost many, many characters, wagons, and oxen by the time you make it to Oregon. However, that’s part of what makes it so rewarding when you finally succeed and get at least one of your settlers across the trail.

Having played and beaten the original as a child more times than I can recall, I was surprised at just how difficult it was to get even part of my party to the finish line – as well as how few of my parties died of dysentery, despite the seemingly constant infections.


A turn-based JRPG set to the backdrop of unique dioramas, Fantasian comes from none other than Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy. Sakaguchi brought along Nobuo Uematsu to really solidify the feel of a Final Fantasy game with epically beautiful music. If you enjoyed turn-based JRPGs like the first ten or so Final Fantasies, Fantasian will certainly please.   ReadMore

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