Apple says its new logon tech is as easy as passwords but far more secure

With passkeys in iCloud Keychain, the iPhone maker joins Microsoft and Google in advocating for passwordless authentication.

Apple has begun testing passkeys, a new authentication technology it says are as easy to use as passwords but vastly more secure. Part of iCloud Keychains, a test version of the technology will come with iPhones, iPads and Macs later this year.

To set up an account on a website or app using a passkey, you first choose a username for the new account, then use FaceID or Touch ID to confirm that it’s really you who’s using the device. You don’t ever pick a password. Your device handles generation and storage of the passkey, which iCloud Keychain synchronizes across all your Apple devices.

To use the passkey for authentication later, you’ll be prompted to confirm your username and verify yourself with FaceID or Touch ID. Developers must update their login procedures to support passkeys, but it’s an adaptation of the existing WebAuthn technology.

“Because it’s just a single tap to sign in, it’s simultaneously easier, faster and more secure than almost all common forms of authentication today,” Garrett Davidson, an Apple authentication experience engineer, said Wednesday at the company’s annual WWDC developer conference.

Passkeys are the latest example of growing interest in passwordless logon technology that’s designed to be more secure than the list of passwords you’ve taped to the side of your monitor. Conventional passwords are plagued with security shortcomings, chiefly our inability to create and remember unique ones. That’s why Apple, along with Microsoft, Google and other companies, are working to come up with alternatives.   ReadMore


Source : cnet

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